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Indonesia had become the world's spotlight when Lapindo mud disaster destroyed the surrounding villages. Starting from the drilling project, a hot mudflow emerged from the ground that could not be stopped. Eventually the villages around the mud were immersed in it.

Lapindo mud was phenomenal, inviting many people to witness it. But apparently in Indonesia there is a natural mud flow, not from natural gas drilling. The mud is popularly known as Bledug Kuwu and is located in Grobogan, Central Java.

Here are five reasons why Friend Braito needs to know the phenomenon of mudsling in this Kuwu Village.

Sound Inspired Name

People around Kuwu mud call it Bledug Kuwu. This can not be separated from the sound produced when the mud swelled to the ground. "Bledug ... bledug ... bledug ... blarrr!" The voice was heard constantly, every five to ten seconds, accompanying the bubble burst produced by Bledug Kuwu.


No need to walk through the forest or swamp to find this Kuwu Bledug. The location is very strategic, on the edge of the highway Purwodadi-Kradenan-Cork. Access road is quite good and can be reached one hour from Purwodadi City.


If Lapindo mudflow occurred on May 29, 2006, no one knows exactly when this Bledug Kuwu started bubbling. Even the estimated age of tens of thousands of years. Maybe God knows, Friend Braito.

The Natural Process

Bledug Kuwu bubble and blast is a natural process. The cause is a collection of gas in the bowels of the earth, which is then pushed out to the surface. The gas consists of solfatara (H2S) and mofet (CO2), which arises as a result of a heat-receiving kimawi mineral process.

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There is salt!

When Indonesia is busy about salt, Bledug Kuwu is actually taking salt. Since the time of the kingdom of Mataram, the surrounding community has harvested the produce of earth in the form of salt, which is called as salt bleng. The process of harvesting salt from Bledug Kuwu still continues to be done until now.

When the dry season, visitors can approach up to a radius of 50 meters from Bledug Kuwu. Friends Braito must be careful because mud spray can be very high. Not to mention the smoke that dikepulkan from the ground, can make eye health disorders.

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