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Weekend getaway is over. Fresh mind after enjoying the holiday fun with family. Time is getting late, it's time to go back home. Same while leaving, Friend Braito must keep eye health. Especially when driving a vehicle, like a motorcycle and a car. It is difficult to imagine when traveling, especially distant, but with red eye conditions, poignant or watery because of impaired sense of vision.

For that, for a smooth and safe return trip, follow these five tips to protect your eyes to stay healthy.

Use Sunglasses

The long journey allows Braito's Companions to come face to face with the sun. According to dr.Yudisianil E.Kamal, Sp.M (K), refractive division staff and Kirana RSCM contact lens, ultraviolet rays from the sun can be toxic to the eye or retina nerves. If it persists for a long time, UV rays can cause eye irritation, such as cataract or pterygium disease.

To minimize the negative impact of UV rays, wear sunglasses that can filter the rays before they actually hit the eye.

Use Double Duplicated Helmet

Especially for motor travelers, complete yourself with a double visor helmet. Not only protect from dust with the main visor, the second visor has a dark layer that makes the view so cool in the daytime.

Bring Eyedrops

Eye disorders are unpredictable. Eyes that have been protected visor helmets sometimes still flicker. While motorists typically experience tired eyes due to gusts from the air conditioner.

Bring always the Original Braito eye drops Once the Drops wherever go to maintain eye health. As soon as the disturbance comes, tear a packet and drop it on the sore part of the eye. The 0.05% Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride formula will help to overcome mild eye irritation during the trip, as well as reassemble vision. However, if eye pain continues do not immediately consult a doctor nearest eye.

Keep the Hand from the Eyes

Dust, dirt, or small particles that fly in the air may enter the eye unexpectedly. When experiencing the flicker, be sure to keep your hands away from the eyes. Blowing wind and air pollution while driving is sure to make dirty hands and can become infected when rubbing the eyes. If you need hand help, at least clean it with water before closer to the senses of vision.

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Rest When Tired

Forcing yourself to drive for a long time can cause a decrease in eye cognition. When traveling far, we recommend booking a hotel for a place to rest in the middle of the journey. As Dr. said. Nikhil Nasta, an eye surgeon from Mumbai India, to rejuvenate the eye naturally, humans need enough sleep, at least seven to eight hours. Continue to travel tomorrow with a fit body and healthy eyes.

Lastly, do not forget to pray before starting the journey home. Always be cautious and careful in driving. May be safe to the destination.

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