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Eyes, who wants to experience it? Of course not. This eye disorder not only makes vision so uncomfortable, but also eliminates the confidence of friend Braito. Imagine if you have eyes of eyes when it should also present in front of clients. Ouch, it's going to run out. Do you want a presentation while wearing sunglasses?

Apparently belekan can be a sign that the eye is experiencing problems. If not addressed immediately can cause negative impact to eye health of organs. According to Prof. Dr. dr. Nila F. Moeloek, SpM (K), Chairman of the AINI Foundation as well as the Minister of Health of Indonesia, belekan is a product of germs or bacteria that are on the surface of the eye.

"Normally, because the eyes are in the open space, germs always exist. But when the germs become pathogens, the germs will multiply and remove toxins and shaped like mucus or called pus / secret with the color depends on bacteria, "he explained.

Watch out if the belekan start to appear because it can be the beginning of the diseases below.

Eye Infection

Professor Nila explains that the colored eye with a particular color is a sign of an infection of the eyeball or catarrhalis conjunctivitis. The brownish brownish pussy or secret is probably due to the presence of Streptococcus bacteria, while greenish yellow pussy may be caused by Pseudomonas auregenosa bacteria. Other symptoms that accompany the eye membrane infections are eye pain such as sandy, itchy eyes, red eyes, and sometimes belek so severe to be difficult to open when getting up early.

Inflammation of the cornea

Eye droppings that appear should not be underestimated. If it is dangerous and left to, it is feared that later it will continue on keratoconjunctivitis. A condition in which inflammation of the lining of the eyes and cornea occurs. Be wary of experiencing prolonged red eyes and belekan.


If the belek looks white, sticky, and stringy, this is a sign of the occurrence of allergic conjunctivitis. Due to an allergic reaction, the eye organs then produce tears to trap the foreign particles and become belek.

In order to relieve red eyes due to early symptoms of allergies, Friends Braito can utilize Braito Original. Eye drops with Tetrahydrizoline Hydrochloride is effective for relieving red eyes. Use 1-2 drops of Original Braito 2-3 times a day on red eyes. However, if eye conditions do not go up, immediately consult an ophthalmologist to get further examination.


Dakriocystysis is a condition in which the teardrop system or eyestracrimal pouch is infected. In addition to belekan, Friend Braito will also feel the pain throughout the face, redness and swelling in the area around the nose bone.


The crusty, crusted mats on the eyelids and eyelashes are probably a sign of blepharitis. The disease is caused by bacteria in the skin, which grow and infect the eyelids and eyelashes. As a result there was red eyes and sore eyes from inflammation. In addition, the eyelid also looks thickened and form dead skin scales such as dandruff.

That's five possible diseases that accompany the belekan. Always be alert when there is mucus around the eyes. If necessary, check immediately so that the doctor can be handled. The earlier, the better for the health of Braito's eyes.

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