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When the adventure has become a lifestyle for the community, going to the Holy Land can now also be done with a backpacker. Nowadays, Umroh does not have to depend on travel companies. With so much information that can be obtained via the internet, friend Braito can also go there independently.

As the name implies, because of backpacking, everything must be prepared by its own participants. It would be troublesome, but the cost incurred would be much cheaper than following Umrah package via travel agent.

Interested? Here are some steps to prepare for Umrah in backpacker's.

Move Visas and Passports

Since entering a foreign country, Braito's Companions must settle their passports and visit visa to Saudi Arabia. Relax, no need to confuse the passport business because it can be done online, then choose the time to do a photo at the immigration office. Who knows, after getting a Saudi passport stamp, Friend Braito ambitious to travel around the world, fulfilling passport books with the seal of foreign countries.

Umrah travel visas can be obtained in consultation with travel agents, especially for those focusing on Umroh and Hajj travel. They usually provide assistance for visa processing, of course at an agreed fee.

Ticket Hunting Tips to Saudi Arabia

The next event is to hunt for flight tickets to Saudi Arabia. To get the best price, you should choose the low-season time, outside the season of Hajj or Ramadan. Due to lonely passengers, airlines will usually give discounts at attractive prices. So make sure Braito's Companions have arranged the right time to go to the Holy Land.

Booking Hotel Before Departing

Do not be desperate to find a hotel upon arrival in the Holy Land because it can be used by the hotel to get a high price. Find discount hotels there with visiting sites online booking that provides promo price. For the record, it would be better to have a hotel with its own kitchen because it can save money by cooking yourself.

Make Travel Schedule

By having a travel schedule, Umroh worship will be more planned and can be done smoothly. Remember, do not stray in Saudi Arabia because the cost of accommodation for public transport is quite high. The best strategy is to travel in one place, then move to another place when it is fulfilled.

Bring Drugs

Do not forget to always take any medication on an adventure, including Umrah trips to Saudi Arabia. One of the drugs that must be brought is Braito Original Once Drops, eye drops for the backpacker Indonesia. With a 0.5 ml disposable package, Braito Original Once Drops can be the perfect solution to overcome mild eye irritation during the trip. Moreover, this eye drops Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride 0.05% which can make the efficacy more powerful. Use 1-2 drops 2-3 times a day on the irritated eye. However, if eye pain continues immediately consult a doctor eye.

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That's five tips to prepare for Umrah backpacker. Do not forget to pray for the journey of Friends Braito smoothly without any constraints, from leaving until arriving back at home.

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