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Mineral is one of the most important body nutrients. But most of us often forget the minerals and tend to pay attention to the carbohydrate, protein and fat needs in our food intake. So the body becomes mineral deficiency. You have to know, minerals have a very important function to maintain the balance of the body, where this mineral works to combine all the nutrients you consume. So if our body lack of minerals can be sure the body will experience health problems. That is why we are encouraged to consume foods containing minerals in sufficient portions.
Mineral Benefits For Body
The reason why we are encouraged to include mineral food in the menu is none other because of the importance of mineral roles in the body. Minerals have a variety of benefits unimaginable by you who, among others, as a body enzyme. In addition, minerals are also useful for controlling heart rate and help in the synthesis of important hormones in the body. No less important minerals have an important function in the formation of blood and bone and maintain nerve function and support endocrine system.
Important Mineral Content Needed By Body
There are various types of minerals contained in foodstuffs, but from various types of minerals, there are some that must be met to maintain the balance of the body which include iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, zinc and floride. All these minerals have different functions and are contained in several types of food. Such as iron is badly needed by red blood cells. This iron has the function of carrying oxygen throughout the body for energy metabolism systems. And these foods contain iron can be obtained from green vegetables, dried fruits, meat, egg yolks, fish, poultry mussels, and cereals.
While calcium is needed to maintain bone density and prevent bone loss. This calcium is an important mineral element needed by the body, especially during growth. Foods containing this main mineral can be obtained from milk, fish bones, meat and citrus fruits. Other major minerals are potassium which is the main regulator of fluid in cells that serves to keep blood pressure, as transmission of nerve impulses and for muscle contraction. In contrast to the many calcium contained in meat, many potassium sources are contained in green fruits and vegetables.
Magnesium itself is one of the important minerals that function as a defense system, strengthen muscle and nerve function, and has the function to activate enzymes that support the process of protein metabolism, blood sugar and carbohydrates. this magnesium content you can get from nuts, seeds, green vegetables and mineral water. In contrast to iodine is needed to support the development and function of the thyroid gland. Which if the lack of this mineral will cause enlargement of the thyroid gland, even can clog the growth and development of fetal brain in pregnant women.
How? The benefits of foods that contain minerals for the body is very diverse is not it? That is why we are required to consume enough minerals. But that does not mean you can consume the mineral at will, because if the portion of minerals absorbed by the body will be excessive toxins that are harmful to the body. For that make sure the food you consume everyday has a balanced nutritional content. Thus information related to food sources that contain minerals essential for the body, may be useful.
Description: Foods that contain minerals have a very important role to maintain the health and balance of nutritional needs in the body.

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