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Vitamin D or that has another name of calciferol is one of the major vitamins needed by the body. Vitamin D is already widely known by the general public. But not many of them understand the benefits and sources of vitamin D that are good for bone growth. And on this occasion we will provide information and some examples of vitamin D that you must meet.
Benefits of Vitamin D For Body
In addition to helping the formation of bones and teeth, vitamin D is also needed by the body to increase the body's metabolism, absorption of calcium and phosphorus and can be a protection against PAD (Peripheral arterial disease) and can help the healing of rickets in children. And in addition to the main functions of vitamin D, there are several examples of the benefits of vitamin D is not yet known to the public, among others, can treat osteomalacia disease or soft bone disease that occurs due to the process of formation of mineral layers that are not as it should be. Maintain immunity, nourish and rejuvenate the skin and prevent skin disorders such as wound infection or psoriasis. And the last vitamin D is also able to prevent breast cancer.
Various benefits of vitamin D above is enough to be a reason to always meet the needs of vitamin D. Because if the body is deficient in vitamin D it will cause some health problems, which among others cause rickets or soft bones that can cause disability, and can cause osteoporosis or fragility bone at a fairly young age. Then how to meet the needs of vitamin D to be enough? Here are some examples of vitamin D that you can get around you.
Source of Vitamin D
Vitamin D can you get with ease, do not even need to spend a flat fee or free alias. No need to consume a variety of supplements to meet the needs of vitamin D in the body. All you have to do is maximize the resources given by God. The first source of vitamin D can be obtained from the sun. It is common knowledge that sunlight is an example of a natural source of vitamin D, especially the morning sun between 06.00 to 09.00. Based on the results of this morning sunlight research is able to fulfill 80% of vitamin D required by the body.
In addition to sourced from sunlight, vitamin D can also be obtained from food. Examples of foods containing vitamin D include milk and dairy products such as cheese, egg yolks, and seafood that can be obtained from salmon, shrimp and cod liver oil. Some of these foods are an animal food source, which contains vitamin D is greater than other vitamin D sources. In addition, the source of vitamin D animal also contains a variety of other nutrients such as protein, calcium, and omega 3 is very good for brain development and bone growth.
Besides derived from animal food sources, vitamin D can also be obtained from plant-based sources such as soybeans and soybean foods such as tofu and tempeh, mushrooms and cereals. Vegetable source of this vitamin also has a content that is not less important than the source of vitamin D animal. For that consume foods that contain vitamin D is in balance. Thus some examples of vitamin D that we can convey, may be useful and add your insight.
Description: An example of vitamin D you can make as a reference to meet the needs of vitamin D required by the body.

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