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Eyes are the five senses that help us see the beauty of the world. So that eye health would be a very important thing. We must meet all the nutrients needed by the eye, so that the eye can function optimally and not experience interference such as blurred eyes, minus eyes, or cataracts that can cause blindness. And one of the nutrients needed by the eye is vitamin a. Vitamin A is we can get from some types of food that one of the largest source comes from fruits. There are various types of fruit that contain vitamin A for eye health. Want to know the type of fruit that is very good for the eyes? Here's the review for you.
Types of Vitamin A Rich Fruits for Eyes
Based on the results of research, fruit that can maintain eye health is a rich fruit content of lutein, omega 3, vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidants, and zinc that can prevent the risk of macular degeneration to cataracts. But in addition to all these nutrients, the most important nutrients to prevent eye health is vitamin A especially the retinol compounds contained in it. And the content of vitamin A is best known by the community contained in carrots other than rich in vitamin A also rich in beta-carotene, fiber and potassium that can improve eye health as a whole.
In addition to know the fruit that contains vitamin A for eye health we can see from the characteristic color. Where most of these sources of vitamin A are found in orange-colored fruits. Which among others we can get from tomatoes, papaya fruit, strawberry fruit, bananas, citrus fruits and mangoes. In addition to vitamin A, a variety of fruit also contains fiber, vitamin C and other mineral content that is beneficial to maintain eye health and maintain blood vessels in the eye. So do not be underestimated huh?
In addition to orange-colored fruit, vitamin A fruit that is good for eye health can also be obtained from avocados rich in lutein content. This lutein content serves to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts, the function of lutein is also you can get from lemon fruit that also contains flavonoids that protect the eyes from infection. And based on research results we can also understand that blackcurrant and blueberry fruit has a stronger content to support eye health, and can even accelerate the healing of the minus eye.
Habits That Can Maintain Eye Health
In addition to maintaining the eyes by consuming fruit that contains vitamin A for the eyes, you also have to avoid some habits that can damage the eyes like working on the screen, playing games or the use of mobile phones in a long time. And to keep your eyes can do some good habits such as using eye protection while driving, and use anti-radiation glasses when it must face with the computer screen for a long time.
All these habits you can do to avoid the eyes from dirt that can cause irritation or exposure to radiation that is harmful to eye health. While the consumption of fruits routinely serves adequate eye nutrition from within, which is useful for maintaining eye health and protect the eyes from various visual impairments. Thus information related to fruit that contains vitamin a for eye health that we can convey, may be useful.
Description: Fruits that contain vitamin A for eye health can be obtained from yellow fruits. In addition to keeping the eyes of the fruit content is also great for maintaining a healthy body.

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