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How to clean iPhone  Smartphones have become one of the needs of modern humans, one of which is the iPhone. This Apple product is no doubt, even able to attract smartphone users around the world, even though the price offered cannot be considered cheap. With prices that are quite expensive, and increasingly sophisticated technology certainly requires the user to routinely carry out maintenance, one of which is doing routine cleaning. So how to clean the correct iPhone? Here's the review for you.
How to Clean iPhone Hardware
The iPhone is presented with a screen display that is accompanied by touchscreen display technology with a layer that rejects oil. To maintain the physical condition of the iPhone, the first thing to do is to keep the iPhone clean. But considering the various features of the iPhone require special treatment, you must understand how to clean the iPhone properly so as not to cause scratches or damage effects permanently. For this reason, before you clean your device, you should first turn off your iPhone device. Besides being safer and easier, if you turn off the device, of course you can also avoid the negative risks to the default features.
After you turn off the iPhone device, then you can start cleaning all parts of the device, especially the iPhone screen with a soft, lint-free material or fabric. In general, when you buy an iPhone it will be equipped with a microfiber cloth that is made specifically so as not to scratch the screen and surface of the iPhone. How to clean the iPhone is done in a circular motion from top to bottom to remove scars or dirt that is difficult to clean. In order not to damage the sensor on the touch screen, don't touch the touchscreen screen too much.
But how, if there are stubborn stains on the surface of your iPhone? How to clean the iPhone from the stains that are difficult to remove is not difficult, all you have to do is wet the cloth with a few drops of water to clean the iPhone's surface from substances or dirt that is attached. But to do this there are several things that you must pay attention to, which include using just enough water so as not to damage the screen especially in the port. For that reason, do not let the iPhone surface, especially the screen wet, wipe the iPhone surface with a dry cloth as soon as possible to avoid damp conditions that can cause long-term damage.
Some ways to clean the iPhone above are the ways you can do to clean the iPhone's physical condition. Where when you clean it, make sure you use a special cleaning agent that is safe. And if there are stains that can not be cleaned and interfere with the performance of the iPhone, then immediately check the deployment of your iPhone to the official iPhone service center to determine the cause of the damage and make repairs to avoid more severe damage. Besides cleaning iPhone hardware, do we need to clean the software from the iPhone?
How to Clean iPhone Software
In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the hardware, you should always routinely clean the software. This is because during usage, we often do not pay attention to spam or data that meets data storage memory which causes smartphone performance to weaken. How to clean iPhone from cache or temporary files can be done with a cleaning application provided by the vendor. In addition to making the smartphone clean again and making smartphone performance faster, cleaning applications can also help increase data storage space, which makes iPhone performance even lighter. To be able to use it, you can download this application first.
After you have the necessary cleaning application, you can do the iPhone cleaning method by scanning the data on your iPhone device, how to select the menu I like to keep off-line files, then select the scan menu. Wait for some time until the file that needs to be removed is displayed, and select clean to clean the files so that the device's performance is maximized. Such are some ways to clean iPhone hard and soft devices that you can do yourself at home, hopefully the information we have delivered can be useful for you ...
Description: How to clean iPhone must be done correctly, and use the right tools or applications to maintain the condition of the iPhone and avoid damage due to the wrong cleaning process.

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