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Buying a used motorbike is preferred by some Indonesians. This is not without reason. In addition, because the price of used motorcycles is cheaper according to some used motorcycles, it is a solution for those who do not have enough budget to buy a new motorbike or for those who do not want to mess around with. a complicated and tiring new motorbike purchase system. Not surprisingly, the current used motorcycle market is expanding, even to serve all consumers, the credit system is now being applied by used motorcycle dealer voters to expand marketing. In addition to the above reasons, there are various reasons behind the fact that buyers have more used motorcycles. What are the reasons?
Besides the price of cheap used motorcycles, what is the reason for people buying used motorcycles?
In addition to price issues, buyers prefer used motorbikes to have more specific reasons, including related model problems, which is not infrequently the latest motorbikes have designs that are not much different from the previous models, so buyers are more likely to use used cars, especially motorbikes. secondhand is also cheaper. other than that the goal of modifying motorbikes is also the reason people prefer used motorcycles. The increasingly complicated purchase system also affects motorbike users preferring used motorcycles, besides being able to be easily obtained, the purchasing system is not complicated, it can be used directly and the completeness of the motorbike has been fulfilled.
Used motorbike buyers are also mostly those who do not want to take risks, in addition to the increasingly rampant risk of crime, the quality of the motorbikes which they think is decreasing also affects the Indonesian people choosing to buy used motorcycles. But all of these reasons do not apply to motorbike lovers, both modified and classic motorbikes. Where do we know these motors are no longer sold in new conditions, even though the price of this used motorbike is also more expensive than the new motorbike, but the demand is still very much and endless.
Used Motorbike Price Market
What is the latest market price for used motorcycles ?? For those of you who want to buy a used motorbike, the price is certainly the first thing you should pay attention to. Determination of the price tag for the sale of used motorcycles there is no specific benchmark. Nevertheless there are several factors that influence the price level of the sale of used motorcycles, which include the year of manufacture, type and brand of motorcycles, models and physical condition of motorbikes. In addition there is a depreciation in motorcycle prices for each year of use. for the first year usage, the price of a motorcycle can go down from 10% to 15%, but what needs to be considered, the depreciation in the price of used motorcycles is also influenced by motorcycle brands. For motorcycle brands that are hard to sell, for example Suzuki or Honda PCX shrinkage can be more than 15% every year.
As for the brand of motorcycles that are much popular like Honda and Yamaha, the price of used motorbike brands is not much different from the price of new motorcycles, for the first year the possibility of price shrinkage ranges from 2 to 3 million rupiah, depending on the model, condition and distance of the motorcycle .
That's a few brief reviews related to the price of used motorbikes, but what needs to be considered is to make sure the condition of the motorbike and the completeness of the letters before you buy your used motorbike, so many of us and hopefully it can be useful ...
Description: The price of used motorcycles that are quite affordable is one of the reasons why most people prefer to buy a used motorcycle compared to buying a new motorcycle.

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