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Yamaha is a Japanese manufacturer that is quite competitive across the world, including in Indonesia, where enthusiasts from this motorbike brand are quite numerous and spread throughout the country. The latest technology and combined with a charming body, make not a few people who fall in love with the manufacturer's motorcycle products that carry the brand "getting ahead". Not only that, the toughness of Yamaha's performance also doesn't need to be asked anymore, besides the ease of service and spare parts that are often found makes the demand for Yamaha motorbikes never recede. So what is the price of Yamaha motorcycles ?? Is it expensive?

Price of Yamaha Matic Motorcycles
Motors with automatic or automatic gear transitions are currently favored by the Indonesian people, especially by women. For Yamaha itself, it has a matic motorbike product consisting of various types and models that you can choose. In addition, various color choices are offered according to your personality. For the price you don't need to worry, because the Yamaha motorbike is offered at a friendly price, you can adjust it to the budget you have prepared. Especially the quality of the motorbike that is guaranteed to be good will certainly satisfy you. Yamaha matic motorcycle prices for all types of Mio, Fino, Xeon are priced at around Rp. 13,650,000 to Rp. 15,900,000.
Price of Yamaha Duck (Moped) Motorcycles
For this type of duck, Yamaha issued four variants which include the Yamaha Vega RR, Yamaha Force, Yamaha Jupiter Z1 and Yamaha Jupiter MX. the price of yamaha duck motorbike as a whole is not much different. For Yamaha Vega RR, it ranges between Rp. 11,300,000 to Rp. 12,300,000, for Yamaha Force priced at Rp. 13,350,000 to Rp. 13,700,000, for Yamaha Jupiter Z1 starting at Rp. 14,000,000 to Rp. 15,500,000, while Yamaha Jupiter MX ranges between Rp. 15,175,000 to Rp. 17,600,000. All of them have undeniable performance, there is only a slight difference in cc for the latest Yamaha products.
Price of Yamaha Sport Motorcycles
For young people Yamaha Sport is certainly an option, in addition to its robust and charming body design, the performance of this sport type motorbike is also more resilient and aerodynamic. This type of motorbike is very suitable for those of you who like speed, the big cc produces more power so you can count on to accompany your daily routine. Considering the engine on this motorbike has a higher cc, the price of this type of Yamaha motorbike is also quite high, which ranges between the price of 21 million for the type of Yamaha Byson, 22 million to 24 million rupiah for the Vixion type and around 25 million rupiah for Yamaha Scorpio.
While for the champions Yamaha presents CBU type with a cc above 500 cc. This type of sport motorbike from Yamaha has a more powerful performance with a distinctive sound and is louder than the type of motorbike in general. But the price of this Yamaha motorbike is priced with high soaring prices equivalent to the current price of the latest car, which ranges from IDR 53 million to IDR 500 million per unit.
Such is some information that we can convey regarding the price of Yamaha motorcycles, you can choose the type of Yamaha motorcycles according to the needs and budget you have, and the prices we have submitted can change at any time, hopefully it can be useful ...
Description: The price of a Yamaha motorbike is priced in a fairly popular range, with no less competitive performance.

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