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Yellow Pumpkin Mud Cake Recipe
Mud cake is one of the traditional Indonesian snacks that is still popular today. snacks that belong to the ranks of this wet cake were originally made from potatoes. But over time, many materials have been developed as raw materials for the manufacture of this mud cake, one of which is pumpkin. Pumpkin itself has long been known as a mixture that can be combined with various types of cakes. Because it has a texture that is not much different the pumpkin mud cake recipe is not much different from the potato-based mud cake recipe, it's just that this pumpkin-based mud cake has a slightly different composition. for this reason, before making this cake, pay attention to the composition of the ingredients first.
Pumpkin mud cake recipe is a form of creativity created to add flavor to the mud cake. And it turns out it's true, mud cakes that use pumpkin base ingredients have a taste that is very indulgent to the tongue. Simple ingredients you can conjure into a dish that is special for your family and friends. Can't wait to make this pumpkin mud cake right away? Here's the recipe and how to make pumpkin mud cake for you.
The ingredients needed to make pumpkin mud cake
• 750 grams of pumpkin (peel and clean the contents. Then steam and puree)
• 400 grams of flour
• 4 egg yolks
• 3 egg whites
• 400 grams of sugar
• 750 cc coconut milk (boil and chill)
• 150 grams of margarine
• 1 tsp vanilla
• 1/2 tsp salt
How to make pumpkin mud cake
1. To start making pumpkin mud cake, the first step you should do is to beat the egg and sugar until it expands and changes color to pale, then put the vanilla and a little salt into the egg mixture while continuing to shake it.
2. After mixing well the coconut milk that has been boiled before, shake again at low speed.
3. Enter the crushed pumpkin, stir until blended
4. Enter the flour little by little while continuing to stir it
5. While continuing to stir, add the melted margarine until the mixture is completely flat.
6. After your dough is ready, then you can immediately print it. To get the appropriate shape, print the dough on a mud cake mold that was previously smeared with margarine. bake the cake with a very small flame for about 2-5 minutes.
7. Bake the cake until the top of the cake is solid and hardened, after that you can lift it and let it cool
8. Add toping according to taste to add flavor to your mud cake. And now your pumpkin mud cake is ready to be served.
Hmmm, have you imagined the deliciousness right ?? because it is quite light, you can serve mud cakes as a complement to tea and coffee. The taste is delicious and melted in the mouth will greatly spoil the tongue of your beloved family. In addition, this cake can also be served when your friends gather at home. The way that is easy and does not require a long time will be very easy for you. That is the pumpkin mud cake recipe that we can convey, hopefully useful for you, and good luck ...
Description: Recipe for pumpkin mud cake is a recipe developed to add variety of flavors to the mud cake which was originally only made from potatoes.

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