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Blood type diet O - Blood type diet is a diet method designed to reduce the risk of susceptibility to several diseases. Where we know that each type of blood group has different characteristics from each other, including blood type O. This blood type has several characteristics which are at risk for high blood pressure and cholesterol and have a higher risk of stomach and digestive disorders. Although physically strong, the owner of O blood is more susceptible to arthritis and other inflammation. So how do you diet this blood type O?
Blood Type O Diet Menu
Blood type O diet is the most flexible diet compared to other blood type diets. You also are not required to consume boring food. Some food menus that you can consume are foods that are rich in protein. You can get this food menu from meat or seafood. But it's good for you to avoid seafood such as abalone fish, octopus and squid. To consume it, make sure the food you choose is fresh food, not processed food or preserved food.
In addition to a diet that is rich in protein, high-fiber foods are also good for the blood type O diet. These fiber-rich foods can be obtained from fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates. You can also consume whole wheat bread or oatmeal to meet your carbohydrate needs. If you are eating the discipline that is recommended and supported by enough sports activities, of course, you will increasingly maximize the weight loss program that you live. And so that the body stays healthy then avoid stress, and the habit of smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition, make sure your rest time is enough to maintain your stamina.
In addition to the recommended food menu, there is also a food menu that is a taboo for you to undergo a blood type O diet program. Because the condition of the owner of O blood is easily fatigued, eating in a diet should avoid foods that are high in cholesterol, such as eggs fish, nuts, and avoid various dairy foods because besides being able to result in digestive problems can also trigger heart disease. In addition to all these food menus, you must also avoid soft drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages.
Blood Type O Diet Risk
Even though the blood type O diet has been proven to be effective, the method of this diet has not been recognized in medical science, so if you choose this method to lose weight, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist first. Such is the information that we can convey, hopefully it is useful ...
Description: Even though the blood type O diet has proven to be very effective, to do it must be consulted with your doctor first to adjust to your condition

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