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How To Make Hot Dog Chili is delicious the hot dog is a food made of soft bread then fill with sausage or cooked in smoke so it has a more delicate texture and flavor that is more tender and moist, as well as add seasoning topping along with vegetables. Therefore, these foods are the foods that many Temari adults to children any food it has become his favorite because of his sense that this inspires our appetite.

In addition to the tasty and delicious food is also very easy and simple, the manufacturing process, so that you do not take so long. The hot dog is one of the most international food tasty, almost worldwide in this broad spread of food such as pizza, so for those of you who haven't tasted it didn't have far to buy into a foreign country because now in Indonesia ever now spread to large cities like in the restaurant definitely available food. For those of you who are still objections or lazy out of the House, you can also make yourself at home with a spicy hot dog recipes follow the favors below.

Ingredients hot dogs:

  1. 5 loaves of bread hot dog, long form
  2. 1 onion, cut into thin rings forming
  3. 5 pieces of beef sausage, choose largely
  4. 1 tablespoon margarine, for a brand of bread
  5. 5 pieces of fresh green curly lettuce
  6. 3 red tomatoes, cut into thin width
  7. 2 cucumbers, cut into thin angle

Hot dog sauce ingredients:

  1. pickled cucumber, small pieces
  2. 6 tablespoons chili sauce
  3. 1/2 fruit small onions, chopped
  4. 200 g mayonnaise
  5. 4 tablespoons ketchup

How to make Spicy Hot Dog Special is delicious:

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  1. To hot dog sauce. Input all the dressing ingredients mix well and set aside for a moment.
  2. Prepare the bread, then half the length of the bread from the wide front, try the tip pieces are not breaking up.
  3. Then prepare a pan for baking flat bread, and then give a little margarine in advance so that seep into the bread, and then wait until slightly browned.
  4. Next, bake the sausage was also on the set until completely cooked.
  5. Brush the bread hot dog that's been on the roast with a little sauce underneath.
  6. Stacking inside the bread with cucumbers, sausage, tomato, lettuce, and sour cream. then give pour kan more sauce over bread in tata then close back with bread instead.
  7. Serve the hot dogs with your food.

How To Make Hot Dog Chili-Special snack is ready to enjoy us your breakfast along with a drink. Want to enjoy the spicy hot dog with no spiciness, you can reduce the sauce spiciness is so else otherwise. Thanks, hopefully, the above recipes you can make for your chances at home.

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