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Want to enjoy the impressions that not only entertaining, but also make me frustrated because suddenly favorite character Braito dead in an uncomfortable way? Just watch Game of Throness, a popular television series that tells of a time where everyone wants to be king. No wonder sly politics play here, it makes the audience furious, sad, and sometimes cheerful when an unloved character loses his life.

Adapted from the book by George R.R. Martin titled 'A Song of Ice and Fire', Game of Throness has entered the seventh season. Behind his success on the screen, there are some interesting facts that must be known by the GoT fans. Anything?

Inspired Real Stories

The war of power struggles is a commonplace to hear. One of the most famous in human history is the Wars of the Roses, which took place in Great Britain from 1455 to 1487. The noble family fought each other for the title of king, which eventually became the inspiration for the book 'A Song of Fire and Ice.'

Real Direwolf

It is said that the Stark family has a direwolf pet who is always ready to protect his master. Perhaps because he already fell in love on the set, Sophie Turner, actor Sansa Stark adopted one of the husky dogs to take home and become a pet.

Canceled Because of Police Police Fans GoT

Kit Harington, actor Jon Snow, has a unique story. Because of his role in the Game of Thrones, he escaped from the law. One day, the speed of the car being driven by Kit is too high to finally be stopped by the police. Luckily, the police recognize his face from the GoT series. He was interrogated for a moment with a question related to Jon Snow, not a traffic violation.

Film Television Feel Theaters

Just for the sixth season, Game of Thrones spent a production fund of 100 million US dollars. At least every episode takes up a budget of 10 million US dollars. No need to worry, the revenue generated by the successful series that brings a profit doubled from production capital.

Dothraki Language So Course

Game of Thrones spawns a unique language, Dothraki, worn by the Dothraki tribe. This language was specifically created by the linguist, David J. Peterson. Uniquely, even if only fiction, but UC Berkeley University makes it as one of the courses.

Not only the facts are unique, the Game of Thrones story is always interesting to follow. Although not always a war, the intrigues that appear there are really attention. But do not get too engrossed watching, forget to blink, until finally make eyes tired.

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