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Man if too much money is sometimes confused itself, how to spend it let me not meet the bank account.

Paul Allen, founder of software giant Microsoft, has its own way to spend billions of his dollars. He also created a side-project, or side project that makes many people wonder, which is making the largest aircraft in the world.

Allen does have an aircraft production company, Stratolaunch. This huge ambition will break the record giant plane that has been held by Antonov AN-225 belongs to Ukraine. A plane the size of a ball field with focus as a low orbit launcher.

Introduced in its hole in the California desert, early June, it is seen that the Stratolaunch plane has a wingspan of 117 meters wide with a length from front to rear 72 meters, and 15 meters high. Even to support the weight of the plane reaching 1.3 million pounds (or about 590 tons) it takes 14 wheeled rows of wheelchairs (a total of 28 wheels). Wow!

The Stratolaunch plane is run with six high-bypass turbofan ratio engines. Allen calls this machine the equivalent of six Boeing-737 aircraft engines. Naturally, with the weight and size of a massive, certainly required a very strong engine ability to make this Stratolaunch aircraft air.

For Allen, this giant aircraft has its own mission, which is to open easier access, reliable, and routine into low Earth orbit.

No more retreat for the Stratolaunch plane. Next, the titan must undergo a number of ground tests, ranging from engine tests to the launch process. Later, a company no longer needs to use large rockets to launch satellites. With Stratolaunch, the launch process requires only a smaller rocket because it starts from orbit. Even this aircraft reportedly will be able to carry three rockets in a flight mission.

Ahead of its launch, the plane was removed from the high scaffolding that held it. Thus, the weight of the aircraft is directly retained by its 28 wheels. Along with the scaffolding scaffolding, the aircraft will undergo a number of ground tests ranging from engine tests as well as walk in taxi way before flying. According to the company's schedule, the Stratolaunch aircraft will launch its first mission in 2019.

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