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For today's office workers, 'dating' with the monitor screen can be done all day. Especially if the task is piling up and waiting to be completed. Eyes like can not be separated from him, reminiscent of Friends Braito when the first date with him, looked closely at his face.

Daily life with the monitor screen is inevitable, regardless of the risks to the senses of sight. But not to worry, with some steps below, eye health will be more awake.

Set Correct Computer Screen

Position determines achievement. The exact location of the display will make your eyes healthier. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), as reported by the RC Times, the position of the monitor is 50-60 inches. It's good to choose a computer screen that can be tilted or rotated. Using an adjustable seat height is also recommended because the eye should be higher than the screen with a tilt angle between 10 to 15 degrees.

Watch Lighting

In addition to the distance between the screen and the eyes, pay attention to the lighting around. As much as possible the monitor screen does not reflect light from other light sources. So do not pick a position where Braito's Companions are backing off the lights or windows. Also, make sure also the lighting in the room is not too bright and not too dark.

Use of Screen Filters

If you have concerns in the face of the light of the monitor, consider having a screen filter. This filter is intended to filter the amount of light that comes out of the screen and captured the eye.

Modification of Screen Letters

Just like reading a book, seeing a font that is too small will be very disturbing because it forces the eye to work harder. When the larger font will also make the work so uncomfortable. Arrange in such a way that the font size can be read easily.


Frequently blinking to the tear glands to work out moisturizer to prevent dry eye. If necessary, post "Do not forget to blink!" On the edge of the screen as a reminder.

But if forgetfulness flickers and eyes begin to feel uncomfortable, sore, and dry, it's time to take out the ultimate weapon, Braito Tears eye drops. Braito Tears has a 0.3% Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose formula that works as an artificial tear, so it can lubricate and restore dry eye disorders. Put 1-2 drops of Braito Tears, 2-3 times a day, on both eyes. Afterwards the eyes will feel fresh again and ready to be invited back to work in front of the screen. However, if eye pain continues, immediately go to the ophthalmologist to get more intensive examination.

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