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In today's Internet age, it seems that anything can be searched in cyberspace. Starting from food, toys, even to drugs. However, there is one interesting thing when typing a search for eye sore medication. Many sites say that leaf boiling water is a powerful traditional medicine to overcome eye health problems.

But is it true that leaf boiling water is a suitable medicine for sore eyes?

Blogger as well as celebrity, Raditya Dika invited a humorous eye expert, dr. Ferdiriva Hamzah from Vitreo Retina Service Jakarta Eye Center, to explain the facts and myths of health on his personal YouTube channel.

An interesting question was asked by Dika to dr. Ferdiriva, which is about rumors about the use of boiled water and betel leaf to treat eye pain. Spontaneously the doctor does not adhere to this myth. He considered that the betel leaves and onions were not sterile, containing germs that could be a big problem when it came into the eye.

"Obviously that's really wrong. The leaves are many mushrooms. If you enter the boiled water to the eye, it's the same as welcome mushrooms into the body, "protests Ferdiriva Hamzah.

Doctors who are also familiar called Riva is also confirmed that when there is a wound on the eye, fungi, bacteria, or viruses can further aggravate the situation. As a result, Friends Braito can experience permanent blindness.

He told of his experience while still on duty at RSCM. There, he received many patients who complained of blurred vision after using a decoction of decoction of leaves as an eye sore. There are even more extreme, namely using urine as a sore eye medicine.

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When having a healthy eye, why risk his perfection for something uncertain? There are many safe and sterile eye drops for treating disorders of the eye organs. Braito Original, for example. The best eye drops can relieve slight eye irritation caused by several things. Beginning of dust, exposure to strong sunlight, exposure to smoke, or chemical effects, such as chlorine when swimming.

Well, if the eye pain hit, which is marked with red eyes, irritated eyes or itchy due to mild irritation, no longer given a decoction of leaves. However, just drop the eye drops that have been tested efficacy and safety. Simply drop 1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day, Braito Original on the eyes that have mild irritation.

The content of Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride 0.05% in it effectively eases minor eye irritation. However, if eye pain continues, it's good to go to the ophthalmologist immediately. It could be the eyes of Friends Braito really need more intensive treatment.

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