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Each event motivator held in the form of seminars in several major cities is filled with the participants. Not to forget the various titles of books that offer motivation as self-development has been widely available in Book stores.

This uplifting event is also present on the television screen with a variety of packaging. Many people are willing to follow the event of motivation with a single goal that can restore the passion of life that had been lost.

If we are asked who the motivator in Indonesia? Definitely names like Mario Teguh, AryGinandjar and Tung DesemWaringin will appear. But whether we will always need the motivation to raise the spirit in daily routine. Actually there are some simple actions that can motivate yourself without going through the motivator. Here's an action you can try.
Change your dressed style everyday.

Everyday you often wear t-shirts? Try using a polo shirt or shirt by keeping the place and what activities you do at that time. If used to wear t-shirts it will look relaxed and flat course, but no harm when doing activities outside use polo shirts or shirts.

Believe this little action can motivate you and your opponent will respect you more because you look neater.

The colors of the clothes that often you morning can also be changed. If all this time the color is often used neutral colors (calm) it's time to change into the light while still adjusting the activities, time and place.
Try using red, orange and yellow to raise your spirits because color can give you a psychological effect.

Change the hairstyle by adjusting the shape of your face

How is your hair style right now? How long have you been using that hairstyle. Let's change your hair style more fresh again. If during this middle of your hair can be replaced with the edge lho with still pay attention to the shape of your face.

You can also try hair styles that have never been tried like emo hairstyle, harajuku hairstyle or shaggy hairstyle. Nothing wrong you can consult first to the hairstyle that you believe.

Hair can indeed show the emotional side of a person so changing hair style should be careful. If we often change the hair style in extreme then show if our emotions are unstable and stress. Moreover, there is a mistake in changing hairstyle it makes us not confident and motivated

Always listen to songs with a fast tempo

You often listen to melodious crybaby songs that make sad and hard move on from the former? Leave your habits to listen to songs like Stories about us (Peterpan / Noah), Someone like you: (Adele), and Because of you (Kelly Clarkson). The songs can make you sad prolonged and not get out of bed even unmotivated.

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Try listening to fast songs like Black Parade (My Chemical Romance), Viva la vida and New Day from RAN. If getting used to listen to songs that bertempo fast then make us eager to live life.

The music we hear can affect our mood and emotionally. So often hear the songs of excitement, especially in the morning so that your activities for one day was undertaken with happy.
Do not often see crime shows on TV but watch an inspiring show

What impressions do you often see on a television screen? Is the soap operas with episodes so long and never finished? Or is it criminal news that shows events ranging from theft, rape to murder.

Try switching with inspiring spectacles like Najwa's Eye, Kick Andy! Or Si Bolang though. Impressions are certainly more to provide knowledge and education to the audience than just entertainment.

If we often see a TV show that smells criminal then it can affect our mindset and behavior especially on affective aspects include feelings or emotions of violence. It can be a feeling of anxiety and pessimism will come to us due to various violent acts displayed on the TV screen.

So get around to watching an inspiring TV show to keep yourself motivated

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