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In 2015, Suzuki again presented its latest innovation by presenting an upscale sedan with a very elegant and sporty design. The Suzuki Ciaz has recently been introduced as the genearation of the successor to the Baleno Suzuki which has long survived in the Indonesian automotive industry. As a multifunctional sedan, the Suzuki Ciaz will compete with the Toyota All New Vios specifications that are no doubt. Intrigued by the specifications of the Suzuki Ciaz more complete?
Advantages of Suzuki Ciaz Specifications
Suzuki Ciaz puts forward an aerodynamic and stylish design that makes it look elegant and luxurious with comfortable S-Tech technology. For the interior design, the Suzuki Ciaz has a comfortable and spacious cabin space, besides that it is also equipped with a Dual Air Bag as a shelter in the event of a collision, but what needs to be considered, the features embedded in this car are fairly simple compared to cars of its class. As for the Suzuki Ciaz specifications in the engine sector, there are two engine variants carried by Suzuki Ciaz, a 1.4-liter gasoline engine that produces 90 hp with 130 Nm of torque and a 1.3-liter diesel engine with a power of 90 hl with 200 Nm of torque. For transmission, the Suzuki Ciaz is run with 5 speeds for manual and 4 acceleration for automatic transmission.
Behind all the advantages of the Suzuki Ciaz specifications, this vehicle also has several shortcomings that you need to pay attention to, which, among other things, are classified as middle class cars, but the Suzuki Ciaz has a fairly small power, which is under 90 ps. But the handling is stable and comfortable and fuel consumption is quite economical, making this sedan car can be a pretty good consideration.
Price of \ Suzuki Ciaz
The Suzuki Ciaz is presented in two variants, namely the Suzuki Ciaz Matic type offered in a price range of 287 million rupiah and the Suzuki Ciaz Manual offered at a price of around 275 million rupiah. That is the information related to the Suzuki Ciaz specifications that we can convey, hopefully useful ...
Description: Specifications of the Suzuki Ciaz are pretty good with an elegant design enough to compete hard with the specifications of the car in its class to get a place in the hearts of automotive lovers.

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