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Who doesn't know the upscale designer kebaya Anne Aventi? The modern kebaya anne avantie dress model is in great demand by kebaya fashion collectors, because it has a unique and exclusive design. Not only that because of its uniqueness, the Anne Avanti kebaya is also widely used by artists or officials from both domestic and abroad. Intrigued by the latest modern avantie kebaya design?
The modern Avanie kebaya dress model is very pleasing to the eye, because it is able to combine various elements of beauty. Combining modern elements and traditional elements can make Anne Avanti's kebaya perched on the ranks of upscale kebaya, especially the use of knick knacks that are mostly imported from abroad are also able to make the kebaya look more classy and exclusive because it is made with full precision and creativity that takes a long time .
Characteristics of the Anne Avantie Modern Kebaya Model
There are some characteristics that are quite prominent from the modern Avanie kebaya clothes model, which among others is the selection of the number one material. This is because the designer's commitment to number the united customers is the majority of kebaya lovers. In addition, the majority of modern kebaya types anne avanties also use colors that tend to be dark or gold to accentuate the glamorous and luxurious side of their kebaya. No wonder the artists often order kebaya for weddings or for very luxurious concerts.
The kebaya model carried by Anne Avanti also often carries traditional and modern concepts combined to feel more special with fresh and cheerful color touches, perfect for teenagers and adults alike. Want to have Anne Avanti's kebaya? To have a modern kebaya dress model, you must have to prepare a small amount, because all kebaya designs are made exclusively and designed with the best materials, but you can see the various models of the Anne Avanti kebaya as inspiration.
Description: The modern kebaya anne avantie dress model is one of the kebaya models that can be used as a benchmark for modern kebaya trends in IndonesiaConfused in Choosing a Modern Kebaya Model for Fat Women ??

Everyone would want to look beautiful and elegant in kebaya eels. But not everyone feels confident to wear this traditional Indonesian dress because it does not fit into their body shape. This should not be an obstacle, considering that the kebaya model has now been developed, one of which is a modern kebaya dress model for fat women that is neatly designed to be very beautiful and elegant even though worn by women who have a larger or fat body shape.
Tips for Choosing a Modern Kebaya Model for Fat Women
When you want to make modern kebaya clothes for fat women, you cannot match the kebaya model in general. To cover some parts and enhance the appearance, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to. The first thing you have to do is to choose materials. For obese women avoid using thick or rough kebaya ingredients because it will make the body look fatter. For that, use thin but not transparent material.
Tips for making modern kebaya dress models for fat women next is to avoid using kebaya materials with large motifs. To make the body look slimmer and fit in the body, you should choose a small or plain kebaya motif. In addition, choose the kebaya model without a collar because it will cover the neck that makes the body look fatter and shorter. For obese women, a V-shaped kebaya shirt with a collar is more recommended because it can reinforce upper body accents.
Finally, combine tops and subordinates of modern kebaya clothes for fat women. You must combine kebaya models and colors with the fabric or subordinate that you wear. Try the top and subordinate kebaya not too contrasting or striking to stay balanced with your kebaya. Also, make sure that the kebaya you wear is right, not too big or too small. Those are some tips on choosing a modern kebaya dress for fat women, hopefully useful.
Description: Modern kebaya dress models for fat women have developed a lot, with a variety of new innovations that make the appearance of fat women look elegant even slimmer in a modern kebaya that fits their body shape.

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