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What can you imagine if you hear the word cone? What is imagined is certainly cone-shaped yellow rice with various side dishes around it. But now cone rice is no longer just a cone-shaped one, because the form of cone rice has now been created into various forms, one of which is rice cone in the form of love. What is its uniqueness like?
The uniqueness of Heart Shape Tumpeng Rice
Love rice is a contemporary form of tumpeng rice that looks more beautiful and unique. Very fitting for special moments and special people. The creation of this cone-shaped rice consists of yellow heart-shaped rice with a variety of complete side dishes around it. In addition to the complete package of large-size liver cone rice, there is also a heart-shaped mini cone rice which is perfect for surprises given to loved ones.
For those of you who want to give a rice cone form of love for a special day, friend, lover or partner, you can order it online at RoyalTumpeng.com. In addition to the premium quality offered, the delicious taste is guaranteed by the delivery service provider between tumpeng located in the Jabodetabek area. This heart-shaped stack can be one of your inspiration in expressing your love with different and special things.
Description: The rice cone of love can be a means to express love to loved ones in different ways.
Valentine's Day is just counting days, have you prepared a gift for your lover or partner? If not, valentine rice can be one idea that is quite different and certainly will be more special. Valentine's Day is synonymous with gifts or gifts in the form of flowers, goods or chocolate. But of course all that is normal is not it, and will be impressed at every Valentine's moment.
Shape of Valentine's Tumpeng Rice
For its shape, this valentine rice cone is made with different creations, in addition to its different shape, the size of the valentine cone is also made smaller or mini not like the usual size of a cone that is large enough and less flexible. Given that valentine's day is called a day of love, then the form of rice cone is also adjusted, in the form of a heart or love. Not only is the shape unique, you can add decorative creations such as flowers or writing on it to make this rice cone more memorable.
Are you more interested in this valentine rice cone? No need to worry and bother making it, because RoyalTumpeng.com provides messaging services between cone rice with a variety of creations and special forms for you. What are you waiting for, order immediately and we will deliver it to you without shipping. Immediately Make your love day more different and special.
Description: tumpeng valentine rice in the form of love is one of the different and special surprises to enliven the day of love with your partner and loved ones.

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